We are looking forward to helping you achieve greatness through our services;

1. Cooking classes

An exclusive luxurious service where we attach a private chef to you, providing healthier options and varieties to improve your menu’s and bring them up to date. this service is available for individuals, couples, families and restaurants.

The process includes;

  • A session on the benefits of healthy eating
  • Costing of meal items
  • Preparing mis en plus and equipment
  • Meal testing & serving
  • Revie of trained team.

packages for restaurants;

One week
(3 sessions)
600,000 shs Ugx
One month
(12 sessions)
2,000,000 shs Ugx
one day sessions
(recommended for families)
200,000 shs ugx
prices are subject to change depending on the number of people attending class.

3. Living it Up (lifestyle plan)

Each human being is unique, each with their own qualities, distinct forms of pleasure and desire for adventure.

Paulo Coelho

We help you create a lifestyle plan that will help you live your life to the fullest potential. A life with purpose and intention. Its about adopting habits that align your body, mind and spirit.

The plan comes with;

  • A personalized lifestyle plan
  • A meal plan
  • meal preparation services

2. kitchen Revamps

Kitchen revamps are about training staff, reorganizing systems, improving menus, adding healthier options and monitoring systems to ensure execution.

With the ever changing trends we want to increase the competence of your kitchen and add an extra touch of flavor to your food experience.

contact us;

+256 777131286

Let’s build something great together.