About Us



About US

I Founded Glofoods in 2018 and registered it as a business in 2019.

I had just finished employment at one of the hotels in Kampala and I felt I was ready to do my own thing so I started out in down town Kampala opened a bar and restaurant  serving local food, fast foods and pizza, cookies and cakes.

 After a year I felt misplaced so I decided to lookout in the suburbs for opportunities and ended up in kiwatule where I set up a pizzeria at pounds bay and lounge.

 Later I upgraded to outside catering when I took over the kitchen of the most prominent bar in the neighborhood which also catered for functions in its gardens. This was serenity gardens in kiwatule.

I catered weddings, graduations, and all sorts of parties. Then lockdown happened in 2020 so bars were not operational.

I had to now think out of the box because I still had my clients calling to make orders. So I first operated at home doing deliveries for about 6 months. Then I decided to take up a spot at the biggest apartments in the neighborhood just so people could have easy access to food and also deal with issue of transportation which became a challenge during lock down.

Business had gone down by this time due to covid setbacks.

 I decided to shutdown business and re imagine how I would come back into the market.

 About the same time I was shifting to a healthier lifestyle, doing more vegetarian meals. That’s when I came up with the lifestyle plan that I call living it up.

It’s about changing your lifestyle to being healthier and aware of all that your body takes in and how it affects its functionality.

 Now   Glofoods has revamped to promoting healthy meals that heal and help our bodies function better as a major standards in all that we do.

 We have partnered with nutritionists to make sure we can deliver excellence to our customers. We offer classes for individuals, restaurants and families to promote healthy living.

We have made sure to come up with savory recipes that are very tasty with extra flavor. We want to show people that eating healthy is not boring

We are looking to add our services to all kitchens in Uganda. We want to see more green and veggies on Ugandan menus. We want to help shift the mindset of Ugandans to appreciate healthy lifestyles early in on life before it gets too late.

 We want to change people’s lifestyles and help them reduce the doctor’s visits.

Because we are truly what we eat.

Get in touch

Gloria is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about food, healthy living, books, fitness, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

via email; glorianakyajja1@gmail.com

or click the WhatsApp button to reach her directly.